Aviation Photo of the Day: Lake Amphib

Today’s aviation photo of the day is from the 2011 Sun n Fun Splash In, held at Fantasy of Flight.

Lake Amphibian departing Lake Agnes at the 2011 Sun n Fun Splash-In.


While I have a soft spot for all seaplanes, the Lake Amphibian is one of my favorites. It has beautiful lines, an aggressive yet fun style, and enough horsepower to actually work. Plus, being an amphibious design rather than a landplane with floats bolted on gives the Lake an aerodynamic advantage over a lot of other amphibians out there in the world today.

There are other designed seaplanes, but many (the venerable Grumman birds and the Seabee come to mind) but the Lake seems more economical than the Grummans and better designed than the Bee. On top of all that they’re fun to watch when they fly. I just love these birds. If I ever get my hands on a cool 70 grand I’m-a buy me a Lake.





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