Random Flying Photo of the Day

This photo was taken over the vicinity of Indian Rocks Beach, on the gulf coast of Florida. Flying over the beaches was gorgeous, but required some vigilance as there were a lot of other VFR airplanes flying both ways up and down the beach.

Living in Florida was a mixed bag, but flying there almost always gave me a great scenic vista.



2 thoughts on “Random Flying Photo of the Day

  1. Wow! That is an amazing picture. I’m quite jealous because I live in the Midwest where the weather is as unpredictable the lottery which makes for some interesting flying up here. I’m thinking about moving to Florida when I graduate in May and this picture makes me want to move just that much more.

  2. Florida flying was always a blast. I flew from KGIF in the middle of the state, and on a clear day if you climbed up to about 5,000 you could see both coasts.

    It did get bumpy sometimes because there’s a lot of convective activity, but I liked it. Good luck!

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