Geek Goddess has written an insightful and well-spoken commentary about general aviation flying from the passenger’s perspective. It’s interesting to read how she perceives the world of G.A., both as a business traveler and as an insightful engineer. It’s well worth a look, so go check it out!

Two Different Girls

This is a story about planes. Private planes, small planes.

I’m not a pilot. I’m not planning on becoming a pilot. At my core, I’m engineer and a science fangirl, and I love to constantly learn new things. I like to learn new things that are difficult, but I need to be interested in them. I’m not going to teach myself high-energy particle physics – not because it’s too hard, but because the details aren’t interesting enough for me to master. I’d rather watch, or read, about someone else’s discoveries.I got my creds, though. I’d have Brian Cox’s love child.

My first boyfriend had his pilot’s license. I did not get in a plane with a 17-year-old with a new license, in case you are wondering. My dad, who served in the Air Force for over 20 years, had his private license and instrument rating, although he hasn’t flown in…

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